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CTF Team of the University of Applied Sciences Munich

About us

We are the CTF Team of the University of Applied Sciences Munich and participate in several CTFs a year. The Team was initialized by Students from the Master IT-Security, but we are open to all interested students and students from other professions or faculties.

Our main focus is not to be the best Team but to solve interesting and funny challenges where we can work together to learn new ideas.

Marius BiebelAbout 2 min
Line CTF

Vallentin ButtlerLess than 1 minute
HTB University CTF 2023

The University CTF was great for us. Right before Christmas, we had a great time working together for a weekend, meeting at the university to solve the various challenges.

This was our third year of participation. It was an exhausting but rewarding CTF.

We joined the CTF under the name HM TheRedCube as only universities are allowed to participate, and we managed to reach 73th place out of 417 participating teams.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute
Cyberevolution CTF

Cyberevolution was our first CTF, and we did not participate online but on-site. It was a great opportunity for us to attend the convention, learn about Cybersecurity trends, and network with peers and companies in the field. We had a fantastic time, and we want to thank the organizers for the invitation.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute
Cryptoverse CTF

Cryptoverse was a great opportunity for us to meet at the University over the weekend and welcome many students who had first joined a CTF. It's great for us if there is a high bar or no limit on the team participants so new players can join and try out working on a CTF challenge.

Specifically, in our recent experience at Cryptoverse, we dealt with various intriguing challenges and puzzles, which tested our skills in programming, cryptography, reverse engineering, web/server exploits, and other forms of knowledge and abilities.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute
HTB University CTF 2022

The 2022 university CTF was a great event for us. We also participated in the university CTF 2021. This year, we were able to expand our team from 10 to 30 people.

We had many new participants on the team who were trying out working on CTF challenges as a team.

It was a great time spent over a weekend full of pizza, soft drinks, and code.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute
It's right there


I couldn't think of an interesting Android challenge, so I just stuck the flag in a textbox. It's right there; just take it.

Our Approach

With the challenge, we received an app containing a .apk file. Upon launching the app, the description was not deceptive. The flag was conspicuously displayed in enormous letters. They were so large, in fact, that they were too big to read. And as it turns out, we were unable to scroll.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute
Square CTF

Participating in the Square CTF was more of a spontaneous idea. We joined a smaller Team for one day to work on the challenges.

Nevertheless, it was a great time, and we solved several challenges and had a lot of fun.


Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute

We had a great time at the CyberSecurityRumble, a CTF organized by TheRedRocket in Bonn, Germany. It was great for us to spend the whole weekend working together on CTF Challenges from all categories.

It was great to have no limits on the participants, which allowed us to have a lot of students joining the team and working for the first time on a CTF challenge. This was a great opportunity. We had up to 21 participants at the university to work together on all types of challenges.

Marius BiebelLess than 1 minute

This CTF challenge focuses on a WebAssembly problem. Upon opening the website in the challenge's description, we are greeted with an input field in which to enter a serial key.

Entering a random string returns an error which complains about an incorrect length. Using this hint, we can see that the error changes when entering a string which is 24 characters long. However, the input field validation logic now complains about an incorrect format.

Julian KriegerAbout 7 min